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Converging Visions: Crafting a Unified Brand Identity for Real Estate Webinar Success

How we transformed two Real Estate Attorneys' brands into a single beacon of growth and trust.

Brand Identity • Website Design • Experience

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Journey with us as we explore the project undertaken for our client, Kristen K. Jaiven, Esq., a real estate attorney, who sought our expertise in developing a brand identity for a webinar series in collaboration with Erin M. Miller, Esq.


The objective was to skillfully merge their individual brands into a cohesive identity that would not only elevate awareness for the webinar series but also captivate and engage real estate agents and brokers, ultimately boosting attendance rates.


In crafting the brand identity for the "Get Closed, Get Paid" webinar series, our strategy harnessed the green hue from Erin's brand, symbolizing business growth, which resonates with the core aspiration of their audience - enhancing their webinar attendance motivation.


We incorporated the blue from Kristen's brand to embody trustworthiness, essential for establishing credibility in this new series and attracting more participants. 


Our goal was to redefine the  serious subject of real estate transactions into an engaging and enjoyable learning experience, making the process of mastering deal closures as celebratory as the successes that follow.

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To amplify the brand, Instagram and Youtube were leveraged for social media engagement and promotion of the webinar series.


The implementation of the brand also included the development of a dedicated landing page designed to streamline RSVPs, provide access to their video library of past webinars and facilitate an enhanced communication experience with attendees.

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"I like to think of websites and landing pages as more than just a digital space, but a vibrant community hub, keeping the pulse on your latest events and weaving a continuous thread of engagement with every visitor. It's where information meets inspiration, ensuring they're always in the loop and part of your brand/business development journey."

- Krystle Karee, Founder

Think Magik

Landing Page Design Approach
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Hero Section

Positioned as the entry point, it invites visitors to confidently navigate the complexities of Florida's real estate landscape, offering educational series led by experienced attorneys. 

Featured Episodes

This section showcases the latest educational episodes, directly linking to YouTube for accessible viewing, coupled with a disclaimer emphasizing the informational nature of the content.

Upcoming Classes

Utilizing Wix Event List, we detail forthcoming classes, ensuring attendees have the latest schedule at their fingertips.

Lead Capture

 We encourage visitors to sign up for updates, ensuring they stay informed about new classes and exclusive offerings.

About Section

Provides an overview of the series' aim to demystify legal challenges in Florida's real estate market, tailored for agents and brokers seeking actionable insights.

Profile Section

Introduces the hosts, Kristen King Jaiven, Esq., and Erin Michelle Miller, Esq., highlighting their expertise and dedication to real estate education.

Additional Lead Capture

This section offers a Free Buyer Broker Agreement Guide download. This resource is designed to navigate the complexities of buyer broker agreements, providing valuable insights to real estate professionals.

This cohesive approach positions "Get Closed, Get Paid" as an essential resource for real estate agents and brokers looking to enhance their knowledge and success in the industry.

Automated email responses to boost engagement.

Although the "Get Closed, Get Paid" brand is in the early stages of brand development having launched in the summer of the previous year, it has consistently witnessed a month-on-month rise in webinar participation.


Our agency, Think Magik, had the pleasure of collaborating with "Get Closed, Get Paid" to dive into strategies that enable real estate professionals to distinguish themselves in a competitive landscape through impactful personal branding..

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