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Social Media Strategy

Achieve your objectives of educating, engaging, and promoting your brand and programs.


Utilize this strategy monthly to promote your services effectively and position yourself as a knowledgeable and accessible expert in your field, directly enhancing your credibility.

Posting Schedule: 3 times per week at 7:00 am

  • Mondays

  • Wednesdays

  • Fridays

Week 1: Empowerment Through Faith

Monday (Education)

Post a detailed explanation using a relevant image or video about how integrating faith into daily life can empower personal decision-making. Include practical tips or scripture references that you find empowering.

Wednesday (Engagement) 

Share an inspiring quote or scripture about faith and ask followers to comment with what faith means in their lives. Encourage sharing personal stories or testimonials.

Friday (Promotion) 

Highlight a success story from one of your program participants who utilized faith-based principles to overcome a challenge or promote a benefit or feature of your program. Include a call to action (CTA) to sign up for the upcoming program waitlist (ie. link in bio).

Week 2: Discovering Your Purpose

Monday (Education)

Share a short video or infographic on steps to discover one's life purpose. Your could talk about reflection techniques or questions to ponder.

Wednesday (Engagement) 

Create a poll or question asking followers to share the biggest obstacles they face in discovering their purpose. Engage in the comments to provide brief personalized insights.

Friday (Promotion) 

Post about your upcoming workshop on finding one's purpose, detailing what attendees can expect to learn and how it will benefit them. Include a link for waitlist signup (ie. link in bio).

Week 3: Building Resilience

Monday (Education)

Write a post on strategies for building resilience in personal and professional life. You could share a personal anecdote illustrating how resilience played a key role in your success. Use a compelling image or graphic to capture audiences attention.

Wednesday (Engagement) 

Share a “behind-the-scenes” photo or video from a past workshop or coaching session, asking followers how they prepare for challenging tasks or manage stress.

Friday (Promotion) 

Share tips on how to overcome one of the challenges that is solved by using your program. Highlight the benefits of joining the program. Include a call to action (CTA) to sign up for the upcoming program waitlist. (ie. link in bio).

Week 4: Enhancing Self-Awareness

Monday (Education)

Post an educational piece about the importance of self-awareness and how it impacts personal growth. Include a simple exercise or tool that helps increase self-awareness.

Wednesday (Engagement) 

Ask followers to share a moment when increased self-awareness helped them make a better decision. This could be in a story format to increase interaction.

Friday (Promotion) 

Feature a testimonial from a client who achieved significant personal growth through your coaching, focusing on the transformation story. Link this to a CTA for joining your newsletter for more insights and tips.

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