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AfterHourz is Redefining Sexual Liberation

How we helped AfterHourz set new standards for e-commerce in the domain of intimacy and empowerment.

Brand Identity • Website • Customer Experience

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AfterHourz is a startup sexual wellness brand, on a journey to empower and guide their community towards sexual liberation.


Teaming up with our agency, AfterHourz aimed to rejuvenate its brand to align more closely with its mission and values of empowering individuals on their path to sexual liberation and develop an e-commerce platform that would attract and engage their target audience.


Our strategy began with extensive market research to gain a deep understanding of the target demographic and the landscape of sexual wellness brands. We identified key insights, including the desire for empowerment, authenticity, and innovation among the target audience.


Since launching the new brand identity and marketing strategy, AfterHourz garnered attention from both consumers and industry experts, earning praise for its boldness, authenticity, and commitment to empowerment.


"At the heart of the message lies a celebration of the journey towards sexual liberation. We wanted to position AfterHourz as not just a brand but a beacon of guidance, support, and community for individuals navigating their path to empowerment.. "

- Krystle Karee, Founder

Think Magik

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A Symbol of Freedom & Empowerment.

We crafted a bold and contemporary logo featuring a face adorned with two masks, symbolizing the unveiling of one's authentic self.


This design embodies themes of freedom and empowerment, capturing the essence of AfterHourz's mission.

Color Palette

The choice of colors form a harmonious blend that captures the spirit of AfterHourz. Deep plum symbolizes strength, beige represents comfort and safety, and blush signifies passion and vitality. Together, they're more than just hues – they're the essence of the brand's mission.

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In crafting AfterHourz's typography, we chose Restora and Gordita to convey a balance of elegance and modernity. Restora's graceful curves evoke a sense of sophistication, mirroring the brand's commitment to empowerment and self-discovery.


On the other hand, Gordita's clean lines and bold strokes exude confidence and clarity, reflecting AfterHourz's mission to challenge norms.

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Our approach to crafting AfterHourz's brand identity system was bold, daring, and luxurious, echoing the brand's core values of pushing boundaries and embracing innovation.

Empowering Impressions: Crafting a Suite of Sophisticated Print Assets.

To communicate the brand's message, values and effectively elevate their core products, the Sea Moss-based Libido Booster and CBD-infused Lube.


We crafted stationery, packaging, and labels that exuded sophistication and luxury while communicating the unique benefits of AfterHourz's products.

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Each asset was designed with precision and purpose, reinforcing AfterHourz's commitment to quality and authenticity.

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Transforming AfterHourz's Digital Presence

Our objective was to establish AfterHourz as a leading brand for sexual liberation, empowerment, and education.


We aimed to foster a thriving community while creating an engaging and informative website and social media presence.

Looking Ahead

Building a brand especially in the e-commerce space is a marathon, not a sprint.


As we continue our partnership with AfterHourz, we're committed to nurturing their growth through strategic branding, innovative website development, and dynamic social media engagement.

This sustained effort will further establish AfterHourz as a pillar of empowerment and support within its community.

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Increased Brand Awareness

AfterHourz's presence significantly grew across digital platforms, leading to heightened brand visibility and recognition.


Thriving Community

By fostering meaningful interactions and conversations, AfterHourz established a vibrant community of individuals passionate about sexual liberation and empowerment.


Enhanced Education

The website serves as an invaluable resource hub, providing members with informative content and fostering a deeper understanding of sexual liberation.

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