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Crafting the Brand and Digital Presence for KKJ Lawyer

Fusing Legal Prowess and Modern Aesthetics for Kristen King Jaiven's Legal Services

Brand Identity • Website Design

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Kristen King Jaiven, Esq. operates at the intersection of law and real estate, offering essential legal services to small businesses, real estate brokerages, and other related entities.

With substantial roles in significant committees and a strong background in legal and real estate matters, her brand identity and website design mirrors her expertise, creativity, and commitment to her clients’ success.


Our objective was to develop a brand identity that aligns with Kristen King Jaiven’s professional stature, reflecting her expertise in law and real estate, while embodying modern, minimalist aesthetics. 


The fresh, minimalist design aesthetic is intentionally crafted to accentuate her modern approach, solidifying her reputation as the “Cool Lawyer” in the industry.

Logo Design



Two "Ks" on their sides, forming a crown and a scale, symbolizing justice.

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Kristen King Jaiven LawyerHorizontal Logo_Full Colour_RGB.png

Color Palette

Inky Night, Gold, but make it classy, and Almost White. The use of navy conveys professionalism and trustworthiness, gold highlights the premium quality of her services, and almost white emphasizes simplicity and modernity.

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The website serves as a comprehensive resource for existing and potential clients, offering insight into Kristen’s background, expertise, and the breadth of her services.

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The new brand identity and website design embody Kristen King Jaiven’s professional ethos, contributing to enhanced visibility and accessibility for potential clients seeking legal expertise in real estate and related business matters. 


The modern, minimalist design resonates with her target audience, reflecting her commitment to providing tailored, high-quality legal services. 

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