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Embracing Maternal Empowerment

The inspiring journey of the Kristen King Jaiven, Author brand

Personal Branding • Website Design

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With her debut picture book, "Mommy's Time," Kristen explores the importance of self-care for mothers, enabling them to be fully present during moments of play with their children. 


To develop a personal brand that embodies Kristen's nurturing and feminine persona, while incorporating a clever play on her name, "King," which symbolizes the inherent strength of motherhood.


Understanding the distinction between an author's personal brand and the positioning of their book, we recognized the significance of Kristen's personality and values shining through her brand.

Our goal was to create a brand that not only made Kristen stand out in the competitive children's book industry but also conveyed her authentic and relatable nature as a modern mom.

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Logo • Color Scheme • Typeface

The contemporary pictorial symbol and complementary word mark along side the gentle shade of purple, white and yellow color scheme, exude a casual yet creative vibe, aligning with Kristen's persona.

To add a personal touch and foster a friendly connection, we incorporated a mix of minimalistic sans-serif and handwritten fonts.

Brand Photography

To capture Kristen’s dedication as an author and as a loving mother. We captured dynamic shots of her working passionately on her writing, engaging with her son and family, and embracing the joys of motherhood.

Additionally, we captured high-quality product photos, highlighting her book and related merchandise. These images serve as powerful visual assets that are seamlessly integrated into her website and various marketing materials, allowing her audience to connect on a deeper level and reinforcing the essence of her brand.

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Before anything else, mommy must take care of herself.

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Crafting a Path to Recognition

The website strategy we crafted for Kristen was to establish her as a reputable author and increase her discoverability among her target audience of new moms, individuals seeking thoughtful gifts for mothers, and parents searching for captivating children's books.

Website Features

Kristen’s website serves as a hub for engaging with her target audience, driving sales, and establishing herself as an authoritative figure in the realm of maternal empowerment.

Inspirational About Page

Step into Kristen's world, her heartfelt about page transport you into a realm of love, inspiration, and the boundless joys of motherhood.

From her personal preferences to her outlook on life, every detail is carefully presented to provide a genuine and relatable connection with her audience.

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Immersive Landing Page

The website features a visually immersive landing page for her book, simulating the experience of being immersed within the pages of "Mommy's Time."

E-commerce Storefront

With Kristen's e-commerce storefront, visitors are invited to embark on a seamless shopping experience.

Readers and gift seekers alike can explore and acquire Kristen’s debut picture book, "Mommy's Time" and delightful promotional items.

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Essays for Modern Moms

A captivating corner of Kristen King Jaiven's website where heartfelt stories and insightful musings come to life.

Her blog serves as a platform for Kristen to share relatable narratives, offering a comforting space for modern-day moms to find solace, inspiration, and connection.

Our collaborative efforts with Kristen King Jaiven, crafted a brand that authentically reflects her as a nurturing and empowering author. Through a thoughtful visual identity, strategic website implementation, and effective storytelling, Kristen's personal brand has flourished, captivating readers and leaving a lasting impression on both mothers and children.

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