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Empowering Transformation: Lisa Semoy's Journey from Vision to a Vibrant Brand 

How we helped Lisa establish a powerful brand identity that truly speaks to and uplifts her audience.

Brand Identity • Website Design • Experience

Lisa Semoy, a revered inspirational speaker, life coach, and Christian faith leader. Our mission was clear: to develop a brand that resonated with her essence—faith, empowerment, and authenticity.


Lisa sought a brand identity that truly represented her core values and could connect deeply with her audience. The challenge was twofold: to distill Lisa's multifaceted persona into a cohesive brand and to ensure this brand effectively reached and resonated with her target demographic, inspiring action and engagement.


Our strategy was comprehensive, focusing on discovery, design, and deployment, ensuring Lisa's brand would not only stand out but also stand for something meaningful, resonating with women seeking purpose and fulfillment.


The redefined brand strategy and identity significantly elevated Lisa Semoy’s online presence and audience engagement. The thoughtful integration of her colors, mission, and values across all platforms has not only increased her visibility but has also attracted a more aligned audience, which will increase the potential of increased participation in her programs and speaking events.



We began with in-depth consultations with Lisa to understand her vision, values, and the impact she aimed to achieve. Market research followed, analyzing competitors and identifying the unique niche Lisa's brand could occupy.

Based on the insights we gathered, we meticulously crafted a brand identity that truly mirrors the essence of Lisa's foundational principles.

Logo Design

We designed a logo that embodies growth, transformation, and faith, weaving in elements deeply personal and significant to Lisa's journey.

Color Palette

We chose colors that evoked warmth, trust, and inspiration, aligning with Lisa's nurturing and uplifting approach.

Headline (1).png

The selected fonts conveyed approachability and professionalism, balancing modernity with timeless elegance.

Lisa's website and social media platforms were designed to be extensions of her brand, offering immersive experiences that reflected her message and mission.

Lisa Semoy’s Personal Development Hub

At the heart of Lisa Semoy’s digital presence is her website –designed as a personal development hub that serves as the central point for clients to engage with her transformative workshops, comprehensive coaching services, and to book her for speaking engagements.

MacBook Mockup.png

Her digital touch points offers clear pathways to explore and sign up for her coaching services, workshops, and speaking engagements. An easy-to-navigate booking system simplifies the process of scheduling consultations or securing Lisa for events.

Unified Brand Experience

In developing Lisa's website, we meticulously aligned every element — from the Hero Section to client testimonials — with her unique brand identity.


This comprehensive approach extended to her main and program-specific landing pages, as well as to the implementation of automated email campaigns and the integration of proposal and invoice generation tools, all aimed at enriching the business process and enhancing the client experience.

iPhone 15 Mockup, Perspective.png
MacBook Mockup (2).png
iPad Pro Mockup (1).png

Social Media Strategy

We developed a content strategy that leveraged Lisa's strengths, sharing motivational posts, video clips from speeches, and interactive sessions to engage her community.

Brand Implementation

Lisa's marketing materials were designed to ensure consistency across all touch points, reinforcing her professional yet approachable image.

Screen Shot 2023-12-19 at 5.36.59 PM.png
2 (1).png


Through collaborative efforts, we successfully transformed Lisa Semoy’s brand into a powerful beacon of faith, empowerment, and personal growth. This strategic brand development has positioned Lisa to more effectively reach and impact the lives of women seeking transformation, fulfilling her mission to guide individuals towards discovering their true purpose in Christ.

Increased Engagement

Lisa's website traffic and social media engagement saw significant increases, with a 40% uptick in audience interaction within the first three months.


Brand Recognition

The cohesive brand identity enhanced Lisa's visibility, leading to more speaking engagements, workshop sign-ups, and coaching inquiries.


Audience Expansion

Lisa's message reached a broader, more diverse audience, resonating with individuals seeking guidance and inspiration.

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