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Empowering Women Through Glam

The Creation of Magic Glam Academy's Brand Identity and Immersive Experience

Brand Identity • Website Design

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Our sister company Magic Glam Academy, is a forward-thinking venture aimed at empowering female professionals by addressing the unique challenges they encounter in building a strong personal brand and mastering the art of makeup application. 

Founder Krystle Karee identified a gap in the market for tailored solutions that merge personal branding and makeup expertise. As a result, she established Magic Glam Academy, which offers specialized makeup classes and brand photography packages designed to equip women with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in their professional journeys.


Magic Glam Academy faced the challenge of effectively connecting with its target audience, consisting of female professionals between the ages of 35 and 50. 

This challenge entails the need to seamlessly integrate and promote Krystle Karee's expertise as a professional makeup artist, launch engaging makeup workshops, and highlight the benefits of brand photography services within a unified and compelling platform.


A cohesive and resonant experience that not only addresses the unique needs and aspirations of this demographic but also effectively promotes Magic Glam Academy's comprehensive suite of solutions.


Brand Strategy

Our approach to creating the Magic Glam Academy (MGA) brand strategy is rooted in our unwavering commitment to empowering female entrepreneurs and career-focused women. 


We recognize that a strategic brand image is paramount to building a strong brand perception. At MGA, their primary focus is on designing specialized resources tailored specifically to women in business, enabling them to take control of their appearance, develop a signature look, and build a brand perception that authentically reflects their unique value proposition while resonating with their target audience.

Brand Identity

Magic Glam Academy’s brand identity was meticulously crafted to visually communicate the essence of the brand and reflect the core values of Empowerment, Personalization, Confidence and Community.

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The brand was brought to life across various touch points as a testament to their commitment to provide a holistic and empowering experience for their target audience of female professionals.


Makeup Workshop

Makeup & Mimosas, the ultimate beauty workshop designed by Magic Glam Academy, exclusively for dynamic female professionals. It's more than a makeup class; it's an empowerment session where beauty meets purpose, and mimosas add a sparkling touch!

Natural beauty and personal expression is at the core of Magic Glam's philosophy. A belief in enhancing, not masking, your unique features, aligns perfectly with the brand's commitment to authentic beauty and individual empowerment.

Glam Chat

Glam Chat, an innovative feature designed to revolutionize your makeup journey.


As part of the Magic Glam experience, this real-time chat service connects you directly with professional makeup advice.


Whether you're in the midst of a makeup dilemma or seeking advice for your next big event, Glam Chat provides expert guidance instantly.

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An audience that doesn't just engage with Magic Glam Academy; but becomes part of a thriving community that embodies their brand values of empowerment, innovation, personalization, confidence, and community.


This holistic brand experience is at the core of their mission to empower female entrepreneurs and career-focused women to take control of their appearance and build a strong brand image that reflects their unique value proposition.


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