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Transforming Hope: The Rebranding Journey of Showering Love

How we elevated Showering Love's mission to restore dignity and hope for the homeless through comprehensive brand strategy and identity redesign.

Brand Strategy • Brand Identity • Website • Customer Experience

Showering Love is a dedicated non-profit organization that provides critical services to families, women, men, and children experiencing homelessness, with a special emphasis on veterans. 

Their comprehensive services include mobile showers, new clothing, laundry, barber services, food support, hygiene, and health assistance. Their mission is to restore self-esteem and dignity to those in need while guiding them towards self-sufficiency and financial stability. 


Originally known for their mobile shower services, Showering Love has since expanded to address a broader range of needs within the homeless community.

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Project Scope

Showering Love approached our agency initially seeking a website redesign to better reflect their expanded scope of services. However, upon evaluating their needs, we recommended a comprehensive rebranding project. 


Our services included developing a new brand strategy, creating a refreshed brand identity, refining their messaging, and designing a new, user-friendly website. This holistic approach was aimed at ensuring that all aspects of their brand were aligned with their mission and the breadth of services they now offer.


Before partnering with our agency, Showering Love faced several significant challenges. Their existing website was outdated and failed to effectively communicate the full range of services they now provide. 


The messaging was inconsistent, often only highlighting their original mobile shower services and not the expanded offerings such as clothing, laundry, food support, and health services. 


Additionally, their visual identity was no longer aligned with their mission and the comprehensive nature of their services, leading to a disconnect with their audience and stakeholders.

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Client Goals

Showering Love's primary objective was to update their website to accurately reflect their expanded scope of services and the impact they have on the community. They aimed to create a cohesive brand that not only resonated with their target audience but also effectively communicated their mission and the wide array of support they offer. 


By doing so, they hoped to strengthen their identity, increase community engagement, and attract more support and resources to further their cause.

Brand Identity

To modernize Showering Love’s brand, we created a fresh, modern logo and enhanced the color palette with a suite of accent colors. We developed a new typography system and comprehensive messaging framework to ensure consistent visual representation and clear communication across all platforms, making the brand easily recognizable and visually appealing.


Additionally, we designed a variety of branded materials, including stationery, retractable banners, promotional brochures, brand icon packs, patterns, email signatures, Zoom backgrounds, and social media kits. Detailed brand guideline documentation was provided to ensure consistent application of the new brand identity across all platforms.

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Customer Experience Enhancements

We conducted thorough user research. This included developing detailed personas for each of Showering Love's key groups: donors, volunteers, and guests experiencing homelessness.

This enabled us to dive deep into their unique perspectives and needs, to create tailored messaging that resonate with each group, enhancing their experience and engagement with the organization.

Website Design and Development

Their original site was outdated and did not effectively communicate their expanded scope of services. Our task was to create a modern, user-friendly website that clearly conveyed their mission and values, while also enhancing the overall user experience (UX) and engagement.

SL-OG Website.png
SL-New Website.png
Site Audit

We began with a comprehensive audit of the original Showering Love website.


This audit helped us identify key usability issues and areas for improvement, which we prioritized during the site restructuring.

Updated Messaging

Implementing updated messaging was crucial.


We crafted clear, compelling content that communicated Showering Love's mission and core values, ensuring that visitors could easily understand the breadth and impact of their services.

Enhanced UX for Shower Schedule

To make it easier for future guests to find information, we revamped the shower schedule section.


We ensured that locations and times were prominently displayed and easy to navigate, making it simple for those in need to access services.

To increase awareness and engagement, we added social share functionality.


This allows visitors to easily share Showering Love’s mission and events on their social media platforms, broadening the organization’s reach.

Shower Schedule.png
Impact Statistics Tickers

We included dynamic statistics tickers to highlight the impact of Showering Love’s services.


These tickers display real-time data on the number of unhoused individuals & families who call Broward County home, showers & supportive services provided, health resources provided to our guests, donations distributed to restore hope and dignity.

Partners Page

A dedicated partners page was created to communicate and engage potential donors.


This page showcases existing partnerships and provides information on how new partners can get involved, fostering a sense of community and support.

Partners Mock.png
Event Mock.png
Events Calendar

We added an events calendar to keep visitors informed about upcoming activities, volunteer opportunities, and fundraising events.


This feature helps maintain community engagement and encourages participation.

Volunteer Engagement Landing Page

To increase volunteer engagement, we developed a dedicated landing page.


This page includes compelling calls to action, volunteer stories, and easy sign-up forms, making it simple for individuals to get involved.

Volunteer Mock.png
CRM Integration Mock.png
CRM Integration

We integrated the Neon One non-profit CRM platform to enhance the donation experience.


This integration includes widgets and easy sign-up forms, streamlining the process for donors and increasing donation rates.

Enhanced Blog UX

Finally, we improved the UX of the blog page. The new design ensures that stories and updates are easy to read and navigate, helping to keep the audience informed and engaged.

Blog Mock.png

Final Thoughts

The rebranding project for Showering Love was a transformative journey that went beyond a simple website redesign. Our collaborative approach ensured that Showering Love's mission, vision, and values were at the heart of every decision, resulting in a cohesive and compelling brand presence.


We are proud to have partnered with Showering Love in their mission to restore dignity and hope to their guests experiencing homelessness. If your organization is ready to elevate its brand and make a greater impact, Think Magik is here to help. 

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