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Post Purchase Support Guide

Post-Purchase Support is essential for maintaining strong relationships with clients after the close of a sale. It helps in ensuring client satisfaction, fostering long-term loyalty, and generating referrals. Here’s a structured guide to help you implement an effective post-purchase support system.

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Immediate Follow-Up

  • Timing: Within the first week after closing.

  • Action: Send a personalized thank you message or card, expressing gratitude for their trust in you. Include a small gift, such as a branded home essential or a gift card to a local home goods store.


Post-Move-In Check-In

  • Timing: 1 month after move-in.

  • Action: Reach out to see how they're settling in. Offer a list of recommended local services such as handymen, landscapers, or interior designers. This is also a good time to gently remind them you’re there for any further needs or questions they might have.


Resource Packet Delivery

  • Timing: Along with the post-move-in check-in.

  • Action: Provide a digital or physical packet containing useful information for new homeowners. This could include maintenance tips, warranty information for appliances, local service providers, and a reminder of important dates (e.g., when to file for homestead exemption).


Feedback Request

  • Timing: 1-2 months post-purchase.

  • Action: Send a request for feedback on their experience working with you. This can be done via email with a link to a survey. Highlight that their feedback is invaluable for improving your services and ensuring client satisfaction.


Home Anniversary Congratulations

  • Timing: Annually, on the anniversary of their purchase.

  • Action: Send a congratulatory message or card commemorating their home purchase anniversary. Consider including a small gift or offer, such as a discount for local services or a complimentary home valuation to keep them updated on their property’s value.


Seasonal Maintenance Reminders

  • Timing: Seasonally/Quarterly.

  • Action: Provide clients with seasonal maintenance tips and reminders. This could be in the form of an email newsletter or a postcard. It’s a practical way to stay in touch and provide ongoing value.


Market Update Reports

  • Timing: Bi-annually or annually.

  • Action: Send updates on the local real estate market, including trends, recent sales in their area, and how their investment is faring. This keeps clients informed and positions you as a knowledgeable resource.


Referral Program Information

  • Timing: At various intervals post-purchase.

  • Action: Gently introduce your referral program, highlighting any incentives for both the referrer and the referee. Make it easy for satisfied clients to refer friends and family.


Client Appreciation Events

  • Timing: Annually.

  • Action: Host an annual event for past and current clients to show appreciation and maintain relationships. This could be a holiday party, a family day at a local park, or an educational workshop on home investment.


Ongoing Communication

  • Timing: Ongoing.

  • Action: Maintain a balance of personal and automated communication to stay in touch without overwhelming clients. Share relevant articles, blog posts, and personal milestones to keep the relationship warm.

Tools and Automation

Leverage CRM tools to automate parts of your post-purchase support, such as sending anniversary emails or maintenance reminders. However, ensure that personalized touches are genuinely from you to maintain authenticity in the relationship.

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